Large Family Mothering's Home-School Planner

Last year my old “brain” (the moniker I used when I was referring to my prized home-school journal) was looking quite tattered and shabby. There was no direct correlation in the layout and design of its pages (it was a menagerie of forms I had found for free and subject matter I had created from scratch) so I asked the Lord for guidance and renewed inspiration to make my planner more practical and better organized.

Updated for the New Year!
With this very idea in mind, I began to research the Internet in order to see just what was out there--and to look for a new layout. I thought to myself, "Surely I'm not the only home schooling mother of many who is in need of a well-designed planner."

After a few intense hours of researching, I came away disappointed. If one planner was practical, it was also plain. If another was beautiful, it was too expensive. One of the planners most advertised boasted of being useful “for up to four children” --which made it inadequate for home-schooling mothers of many, especially this one, who now has nine children at home (we have graduated seven of our 15 children from our home-school as of the date of this publication).

What is more, none of the planners I found were appropriate for the way I think, the methods I like to use, or the manner in which my home actually operates.

What I required was something that had the following components and... just had to be: 

  • Inexpensive

  • Expandable for use with families of many children

  • Open-ended enough to use with a variety of applications 

  • Beautiful--so as to appeal to feminine sensibilities--yet practical enough to encourage continued use

Diligent record-keeping
At the end of the day, I believed God wanted me to make my own, and, in so doing, make it available to others.

If you would like to view some sample pages of the new eBook, Large Family Mothering Home-School Planner. This home-school planner has 127 pages that can be printed for both half-sheet or full sized pages with detailed instructions.

If you would like to purchase this new planner click on the "Buy Now" button under the title page on my blog side bar. We hope that this new resource is a blessing to you in your home-school experience. If you have any questions please let me know.



PS- If you download the FREE Nitro PDF Reader you can actually type on the pages of your personal copy of the home-school planner before you print it out at home.


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